We use for on-demand, on-site drone insurance.  This allows us to forward the insurance certificate after purchase to any email address. We can also show the client the policy certificate on our phone, just like an airline boarding pass.

Prior to each flight

  1. Perform pre-flight check of aircraft and all parts

  2. Check local weather; delays in flying may occur during adverse weather conditions

  3. Check for any Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) and Notice to Airman (NOTAM)

  4. Contact air traffic control (ATC) for permission to fly if within 5 miles of an airport


Examples of flight restrictions

  1. Cannot fly at night (i.e. sunset to sunrise)

  2. Can fly around people but not directly over

  3. Cannot fly over 400 ft above ground level (AGL)

  4. Cannot fly in high winds or precipitation (e.g. rain, snow, sleet)

  5. Must fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) of aircraft


Click HERE for more information on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and restrictions.

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